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The Meca500 is the best-in-class micro-manipulation robot for pick and place, assembly, dispensing, machine tending, and testing & inspection applications. With a 330mm reach and payload of 0.5kg, the Meca500 has the agility and payload to work in even the most challenging environments.

With its low price and accurate performance, the Meca500 industrial robot arm is perfect for your micro-manipulation application.
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The modules mount exactly where you need them – at the heart of the action, close to sensors and actuators. This adaptability not only reduces the cabling required, but it also simplifies commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics. The system offers no-compromise protection with fully encapsulated metal housings for extremely harsh environments, or robust yet lightweight plastic housings for mobile applications. The modules operate at temperatures from −25 to +70°C (−13 … +158°F.
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Interested in saving time and money on your next enclosure project? Having enclosures modified by Hammond and delivered to your site, allows your component installation and wiring team to immediately get to work. No time wasted laying out each hole, no risk of making a costly mistake, perfectly shaped cutouts every time and all at a price that might surprise you! Our nationwide network of top tier distributors ensures reliable, local support.
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The new PSENslock 2 expands on the existing product with a host of new features and improvements maintaining the same mounting as the previous generation. For applications that require safeguard locking for personnel protection, the new PSEN SL2-GL version safely monitors the holding force.
  • Double the retention force (up to 2000N).
  • Personnel protection available with lock-force monitoring.
  • Increased Ingress protection IP6K9K and new sanitary design for harsh environments.
  • Unlocked retention force is now adjustable (30N, 100N or 200N) via RFID tag accessory.
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Attention Canadian manufacturers! Join us on Januray 24 at 1 pm ET for an educational webinar on machine safety standards. Douglas Nix from Compliance InSight Consulting will discuss crucial strategies and best practices for compliance, risk reduction and operational optimization. Stay compliant, competitive and ahead of the curve with knowledge of regulatory shifts and technological advancements. Secure your spot now to learn about safeguarding your most valuable asset – your people!
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