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Women in Manufacturing 2024
March 6, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

A culture of inclusion fosters a positive work environment where all employees feel respected and valued. In manufacturing, diverse teams can lead to more creative solutions and improved product development processes. Inclusive workplaces tend to have higher levels of employee engagement.

It is, therefore, crucial to keep track of the progress that the Canadian manufacturing industry has made in recent years to advance women. It is also necessary to identify and close existing gaps and explore avenues to continue the trajectory of positive growth towards a diverse, inclusive and equitable workspace where women in the industry can chart their careers without any barriers.

Annex Business Media’s Manufacturing Group is back with Advance: Women in Manufacturing to facilitate conversations on moving the dial and to advance women into positions of their choice in manufacturing.

Scheduled for March 6, the half-day virtual summit will feature experts working to create diverse and inclusive workspaces. Influencers in the Canadian manufacturing sector, as well as women who have trailblazed in their careers will share their experiences and strategies on climbing the career ladder.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry experts and thought leaders whose shared goal is to promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian manufacturing.

We are currently finalizing speakers for this event, which is subject to change. If you have a proposal for a speaker, email Sukanya Ray Ghosh at or Nithya Caleb at



Opening Remarks

Keynote – From fears to cheers: A leader’s tale of resilience

  • Anika Sawni, Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Grüvi
Drawing from her own experiences as a leader, keynote speaker Anika Sawni will share valuable insights and examples about how she learned to stand up to fear and embrace vulnerability to help navigate the challenges of building the award-winning company Gruvi. She will touch on the factors that have helped her build resilience as a young woman in a leadership position.  

Panel discussion – Inspiring inclusion

Moderator: Nithya Caleb, Editor, Food in Canada and PrintAction
  • Hang Tran, Innovation Technical Product Manager, ATS Corporation
  • Sarab Hans, President, Hans Dairy
  • Anne-Marie Pham, CEO, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
A panel of accomplished women leaders and diversity and inclusion experts will convene to explore strategies for fostering inclusion in manufacturing. The discussion will delve into practical approaches, success stories and challenges. Panellists will discuss strategies and effective workplace policies such as mentorship programs, leadership development initiatives and creating a supportive ecosystem throughout.

Workshop – Unlocking high performance

  • Lauren Ritchie, High Performance Coach, Career Coach, Recruiter
Explore the individual and collective elements required for sustained growth, engagement and performance by exploring the pillars of high -performance. Rooted in the world’s largest study, these six pillars— Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, Persuasion, Presence, and Purpose are the key areas influencing sustained success. In this session, you will learn tips and techniques to: Cultivate a positively engaged mindset, generate energy to consistently show up as your best self, increase your productivity, build trust to seamlessly persuade people around you, develop influence by mastering your presence and align actions with purpose, fostering inspiration at work.

Igniting opportunities through skill building and mentorship

  • Mary Fuke, Program Manager, CWB Welding Foundation
As you navigate your career in the manufacturing industry, explore the importance of learning new skills, strengthening existing ones and leaning on your community when times get tough. In this session, learn how to find upskilling opportunities and manage shifts in your career with mentorship and community. Additionally, discover the CWB Foundation’s Women of Steel initiative and how, through collaboration and courage, women across Canada have broken barriers and sought fulfilling and engaging careers in industry – and how you can too.

Panel discussion – Amplifying voices and empowering communication

Moderator: Sukanya Ray Ghosh, Editor, Manufacturing AUTOMATION
  • Jenny Boudreau, Vice-President of Supply Chain, CertainTeed Canada
  • Mariela Castano-Kunst, Senior Vice-President and COO, Kunst Solutions
  • Sarah Mackinnon, Co-CEO and CFO of Delta-Q Technologies
The second panel discussion of the day will explore the crucial theme of amplifying the voices of women in the manufacturing workplace and empowering them to communicate their thoughts powerfully. This session will center around the pivotal concepts of allyship and advocacy, shedding light on the ways in which women can proactively champion their own voices and cultivate strong alliances to foster career advancement. Speakers will share self-advocacy strategies and discuss how to build a network of supportive allies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Women in Manufacturing 2024

When & Where?

Women in Manufacturing 2024 will take place virtually via Zoom Webinar on March 6, 2024 at 1:00pm ET.

There will be a 15 minute break between live sessions.

Why Virtual?

The safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and community is our number one priority. By making this event an online experience, it eliminates the need for attendees and sponsors to travel in-person, while enabling them to still benefit from the event content.

What’s Included?

Your registration provides you with access to watch the virtual keynote, all live sessions, and on-demand recorded content and product demonstrations.

How do I access?

We will email you an access link to the virtual event the morning of March 6, 2024.

If you don’t see an access link in your email inbox, please check your junk folder. If you are still unable to locate the email, contact Azeemah Abowath.