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Robotic 3D simulation control systems

August 18, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Fastems, LLC has introduced Fastsimu for offline robotic programming. Designed to enhance the capabilities of advanced automated material handling and processing equipment, Fastsimu is a software application that provides robotic production features, especially for machining, grinding and de-burring operations. The software can be used in conjunction with 3D CAD models or by utilizing tool paths created by CAD/CAM, which makes it possible to program the robot just like any other multi-axis machine tool. Fastsimu provides several features for direct 3D CAD model-based programming. Robot program simulation includes: near-miss and collision inspections; monitoring of robot joint limits, speeds and accelerations; singularity detection; tool change simulation; and cycle time inspection.

The company has also introduced the MMS5 control system, which is designed to expand the capabilities of flexible manufacturing systems to include a factory-wide manufacturing execution system for total control over such functions as automatic warehousing, tool management and robotic cell integration. It includes interfaces optimized for management, supervisors and shop floor operators.

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