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Retractable rotating gate

October 31, 2011
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Deken Power’s retractable, sliding panel safety fence, called Slide-A-Matic, provides protection to an opening of 20 feet (six metres), yet it contracts to the width of a single panel (51.5 inches or 130.8 cm) and swings to the side in order to allow 100 percent access to a protected area when required. The fence does not require an overhead suspension system or floor track system in order to operate. Instead, the fence rides on non-marking swivel casters that permit the gate to be retracted to the width of a single panel, and then rotated as much as 180 degrees to provide complete access to the entire opening — a particularly attractive feature for areas that require total access for robotics, machine loading or servicing. Slide-A-Matic panel fences are available in lengths from two to six panels. Two fences can be mounted at opposing angles to create a pen that is totally accessible from both sides when retracted. Slide-A-Matic is available in standard heights of 42, 48 and 76 inches (107, 122 and 193 cm).

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