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Flow sensors

January 13, 2012
By Mary Del

AF1 series flow sensors from Rexroth record the flow rate and compressed air consumption in a system, thus making an important contribution to optimizing energy efficiency, the company says. The measurements help to detect leakages that are then reported to the controller via an alarm signal. This avoids energy losses and saves money. Used as a stand-alone device or in combination with AS series maintenance units, the sensors guarantee demand-based compressed air supply. AF1 series flow sensors constantly compare the actual values in a system with the set process values, allowing you to reliably control flow rates. Larger leakages and wear leading to higher air consumption are detected early on. Unnecessary increases in consumption become transparent and consumption costs can be allocated to the relevant consumers. The new AF1 sensor modules detect the flow rate based on the difference in pressure between two internal measuring points. They have two PNP/NPN switch outputs each and one analog output. Users can set switching points for the two switch outputs on the basis of flow rate, air consumption or pressure, using simple and intuitive programming. The analog output provides the flow rate value. All of the measurable variables can be selected and shown on a backlit large format display, and operators can switch between the usual international units. Using the appropriate block assembly kits, the AF1 can be assembled as a stand-alone device or integrated (and even retrofit) in AS series maintenance units of all sizes.

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