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Grid-tied PV inverters

Carlo Gavazzi’s ISGA Series Grid-Tied PV Inverters feature a transformerless design, which does not incorporate or require a cooling fan. Cooling fans have moving components, which ultimately will fail; therefore, their exclusion in the design leads to a longer, maintenance-free product life span. The ISGA Series are available in two, three, four and five kW output sizes with a 240-VAC, 60-Hz, single-phase output, and six- to 15-kW, 120/208-VAC Wye or 240 VAC Delta, three-phase 60-Hz output. The inverter has an output efficiency up to 96.4 percent, with CEC ratings up to 95.5 percent. The inverter has an input voltage range of 150 to 450 VDC.