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Ontario PCs promise help for province’s manufacturing sector

March 27, 2013
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Ontario can offer hope to our more than half-million unemployed, starting with the PC plan to bring back well-paid manufacturing jobs, party leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday following a meeting with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.

“Our Ontario will always build and sell products around the world,” Hudak said in a statement. “But we’ve lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs under the Liberals, while adding 300,000 bureaucratic jobs to our already-bloated public sector payroll.”

The Liberals treat manufacturing as a “smokestack relic” of the last century and think Ontario doesn’t need the factories and jobs lost, Hudak added. “But they’re wrong: Studies show consumers in emerging economies will spend $30 trillion annually in the global market by 2025.

“They’ll be in the marketplace for the high quality products we make and sell: trains and automobiles, pharmaceuticals and nuclear technology. We need to get ready for this coming boom,” Hudak said.


“We’ll help manufacturers put Ontario back on the right track, with our Paths to Prosperity ideas for balanced budgets and lower taxes. After all, a well-run province attracts well-run businesses.”

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