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Miniature conveyors

February 16, 2010
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Misumi USA Inc. has introducd its new line of miniature conveyors able to perform automatic short-run conveying with extreme accuracy and precision. Key features include:

• Precisely configurable length and width: The unit’s length is configurable in 5mm increments and the width can be configured in 10mm increments.
• Choice of tracks: Depending on their application needs, purchasers can select a single track or double track conveyor.
• Ease of attaching auxiliary components: Three convenient slots allow for easy and secure attachment of components using a standard hex nut, which can be tightened at various positions, making the unit adaptable to multiple applications.
• Selection of motor type and location: The Mini Conveyor motor can be specified with either fixed or variable speed, and the location of the motor can be specified on either the driving side or in the center of the unit.
• Conveyor accessories, including timing belts and support stands, are also available.

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