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Safety laser scanners

May 3, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Omron Automation and Safety recently introduced the STI OS32C-DM Safety Laser Scanner. The latest addition to the award winning family of STI Type 3 safety laser scanners, these safety laser scanners report status and measurement data via EtherNet/IP. Easy-to-use function blocks are ideal for simple PLC controlled status and data updates. A simple and effective method of integrating the status and measurement data to a PLC, these function blocks can be used in the PLC code to automatically configure the PLC to process and display the information.  The updated configuration tool now provides a “maintenance access level” that enables the user to make only non-safety related programming changes and employs a “non-safety checksum” for easier re-commissioning when non-safety changes are made. A new “zone coordinate import/export” function allows users to modify the shape and size of a monitoring zone by importing coordinates from a text file.

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