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Feed modules

February 18, 2008
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The new VKK feed modules from Rexroth feature high load capacity, durability, precision and low moving mass. The linear units are recommended for handling applications as vertical axes or actuators. They reduce the driving power required on account of their low moving mass, and feature precise, adjustable positioning. The modules consist of a fixed aluminum body, an aluminum tube featuring eLINE hybrid technology, guide carriage and spindles of various pitches and sizes. The spindle moves an aluminum tube (the barrel), in which Rexroth has countersunk two steel tracks. Two fixed carriages in the main body guide the barrel with precision and absorb high pitching and rolling moments. The roller bearing technology and the low dead weight of the barrel reduce the driving forces required in comparison to conventional solutions. The user can fit electric or pneumatic actuators from the extensive Rexroth range on the end face via an adapter plate. The main square bodies in the 70 mm and 100 mm cross sections cover strokes in increments of up to 400 mm.
Bosch Rexroth Canada

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