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Miniature circuit breakers

August 16, 2010
By Mary Del

The Eaton WMZT series miniature circuit breakers, available from AutomationDirect, are single-pole, two-pole and triple-pole devices. Available in sizes from 0.5 to 40 amps, the circuit breakers are designed to offer protection for branch and control circuits. The series’ current-limiting design provides fast short circuit interruption, within one half cycle of the fault, which reduces circuit-damaging let-through energy, the company explains. WMZT circuit breakers are available with C and D curve thermal magnetic overcurrent protection characteristics. C-curve devices are suitable for applications where medium levels of inrush current are expected, such as small transformers, lighting, pilot devices and control circuits. D-curve devices provide protection from nuisance tripping where high levels of inrush current are expected, such as motors, transformers and power supplies. The series is also suitable for reverse-feed applications. The series is DIN-rail mountable and features a trip-free design so the breaker cannot be defeated by holding the handle in the "ON" position. A selection of field-mountable accessories is also available, including auxiliary and alarm switches, shunt trip, lockout attachments and bus bar systems.

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