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Management system for safety interlock keys

August 1, 2014
By Mary Del

Aug. 1, 2014 – The SmartKey key management system from Smith Flow Control is designed to provide additional security for managing safety interlock keys. The SmartKey provides protection against unauthorized or inadvertent operation of interlocked valves or process equipment, with the added ability to record movements of the keys required to operate mechanical interlocks in real time. SmartKey traps all keys in the cabinet until authorization is granted. To access the key cabinet, users must identify themselves with a PIN code. SmartKey highlights specific key positions that the operator is authorized to use. The user then selects the appropriate key from the panel and removes the key as the selected key position is unlocked. To return a key to the cabinet, the user scans the key with the integrated scanner and the corresponding key position is highlighted on the front display for re-insertion. SmartKey uses RFID technology to report the recent actions and current status of interlock keys.

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