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Vision-guided robots

December 20, 2005
By Alyssa Dalton

The AdeptViper s650 and s850 are six-axis robots with vision guidance systems, extended reach and a five-kilogram payload. The s650 offers a reach of 653 mm, while the s850 extends 854 mm.

AdeptViper robots are controlled with a SmartController CX unit, a high-performance motion and vision controller that uses the company’s SmartServo technology.
Adept Python, a family of linear modules for assembly material handling and dispensing applications, can be combined into several configurations, including single-, two- and three-axis, and can be mounted on a table, wall or ceiling. The modules are controlled by a SmartController CX, and a MotionBlox 10 servo controller and amplifier, allowing for the programming of custom mechanisms to perform straight-line motion and circular motion in three-dimensional space.

The Adept Cobra s350 series robot has a 350-mm reach. It is also SmartController CX-controlled, and uses MotionBlox 40R SmartServo controller and amplifiers.
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