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Banner SI safety limit switches boast superior interlocking

Jun. 8, 2015 – The SI series of safety limit switches from Banner Engineering claims to effectively monitor the position of a wide variety of guards, gates, covers and other moveable machine fixtures and tooling. β€œThe switches are ideal for monitoring sliding gates and guards on machines in safety fencing systems, in addition to solving simple position monitoring such as end-of-travel and home-position,” said Mike Carlson, technical marketing manager (Safety Products), Banner Engineering. The series is available in three models β€” SI-LM40, SI-LS31 and SI-LS83 β€” offering various actuating systems, contact arrangements, housing and mounting configurations to satisfy diverse industrial applications, notes Banner. Featuring a limit-switch style, the series complies with Type 1 per ISO 14119 standards with actuating elements integrated with the enclosure. When properly interfaced, or used with an appropriate safety controller/module, two safety switches monitoring an individual guard can achieve a category 4 level of safety, per ISO 13849-1, it says. Models are available with die-cast aluminum or plastic housing with IP65 glass-reinforced thermoplastic switch housing.

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