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Eaton’s Power of Authenticity campaign combats counterfeiting

September 8, 2015
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Sept. 8, 2015 – Power management company Eaton is aiming to help authorized distributors and contractors source and supply reliable products quickly and efficiently through its new Power of Authenticity campaign.

“By offering competitive prices, stocking programs, authorized service centres and loyalty programs, end users are assured that the products they receive are authentic Eaton products,” said company representatives.
Eaton says Power of Authenticity is a response to the industry-wide proliferation of counterfeit products of all well-known brands and labels that are putting customers at risk – end users typically need products fast, which can make it tempting to purchase from a third party. In particular, counterfeit electrical products can pose tremendous safety hazards, including malfunctions that can cause overheating or short circuits, leading to fires, shocks or explosions, it notes.
“Eaton’s electrical business has adopted a zero tolerance policy for counterfeiting and is committed to stopping the counterfeiting of electrical products worldwide. Through the Power of Authenticity campaign, we aim to help distributors, end users and contractors avoid contact with unsafe carbon copies by offering authorized service and quick and efficient sourcing,” said Rob Griffin, product line manager, molded case circuit breakers, Eaton Electrical Sector Americas. “With these offerings, Eaton helps distributors and contractors alike receive authentic Eaton products by eliminating the downtime, safety, liability and performance issues that may occur when using counterfeit products.”


As part of the campaign, Eaton offers stocking and loyalty programs, including the Distributor Advantage Program, which helps authorized distributors use Eaton’s market-leading brands, product innovation and strong sales support organization to grow their business.
Other services include Eaton’s replacement breaker module (RBM), a 24-hour delivery guarantee with rebates and technical support for authorized distributors, and breaker service centres.


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