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Handheld programming device

August 2, 2011
By Mary Del

Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced the AS-Interface Handheld VBP-HH1-V3.0-110V addressing device for AS-Interface specification 3.0. This programming tool can be used to program and test the functionality of AS-Interface slaves, provide permanent data exchange with AS-Interface slaves, support data exchange with 4E4A slaves in extended addressing mode, and indicate the safety code for AS-Interface Safety-at-Work slaves.

The AS-Interface 3.0 Handheld is an enhancement to the company’s version 2.1 programmer, and offers a number of new features, including: support for specification 3.0 profiles, with the ability to set outputs on 4in/4out modules with extended addressing; extended “power-on” time to support the programming of safe output modules; ability to read the safety sequence from safety input modules; semi-automatic addressing, where the unit stores previously programmed addresses for quick programming of an entire network, while minimizing the chance of a duplicate address; and faster address programming, where arrow keys and a program button are the sole requirements to set the module address. These battery-powered (battery charger included) handheld programmers provide short circuit and overload protection of the slave connection. They are IP20 protected and rated for use in temperatures ranging from zero to 40 degrees C.

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