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Littelfuse MP8000/MP8100 motor protection relay offers wireless monitoring and control

August 8, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Aug. 8, 2017 – The Littelfuse MP8000/MP8100 series Bluetooth enabled motor protection relay promises to enhance worker safety while allowing for faster, easier control and troubleshooting.

According to the company, the MP8000/MP8100 series allows maintenance personnel to communicate with the relay from up to 30 feet away using an app on an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet computer. A worker can set up the relay, view real-time data and troubleshoot fault codes while the panel door remains closed, helping to minimize potential shock and arc-flash hazards and help create a greater level of safety, says the company. Littelfuse says the MP8000/MP8100 is the first fully programmable motor overload relay to offer integrated Bluetooth capabilities; earlier types required the purchase and installation of separate Bluetooth modules. If the relay is located in an outdoor cabinet, workers can interact with it while remaining warm and dry in their vehicles during inclement weather, notes Littelfuse.

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