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Surgere ROBi robot aims to eliminate inventory tracking failures


Aug. 23, 2017 – Surgere has launched its Robotically Optimized and Balanced Inventory (ROBi) product to help automate cycle counts and improve overall accuracy of on-hand inventory in automotive manufacturing and warehouse environments.

ROBi integrates RFID technology with Fetch Robotic’s mobile robot platform to autonomously capture RFID label information from all angles and directions. Moving on programmable routes, the integrated platform transfers asset identification and location data to Surgere’s Cloud-based asset management system. Validating and providing further evidence of where tagged packaging, parts, tools and other assets are located within any given facility and to on-hand inventory. Surgere says ROBi’s data acquisition accounts for height of stacked or racked product above floor, depth within shelving, and the speed of robotic travel, and also provides a 3D map of the facility and part location as part of the cycle count.

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