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Bluehill Universal Software brings improved workflows to Instron machines

October 11, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Oct. 11, 2017 – Built for touch interaction, Bluehill Universal features a portrait layout with visual design while promising the “most comprehensive view of the test workspace on a large-format touch monitor.”

Maintaining the “power and flexibility” found in previous versions of Bluehill Software, Bluehill Universal offers four new features: QuickTest, Instron Connect, enhanced exporting tools, and an operator dashboard. According to Instron, QuickTest is “perfect for new or infrequent testers,” as users can simply tap the QuickTest button, enter a test speed, and tap start. A pre-defined graph and results table populates the most common results, such as Maximum Force and Displacement at Break. Instron Connect allows users to report technical queries directly to Technical Support via the Bluehill Universal user interface. When a message is sent from Instron Connect, it carries all system information, such as frame model number and software version. Meanwhile, enhanced exporting tools promise to give users the ability to customize results and raw data export files so that they can easily interface with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Files can be exported in the default CSV format, or as a customized text file. Testing systems can now be operated from an Operator Dashboard, a touch monitor that can be mounted on the side of the test frame. The operator dashboard includes a touch monitor and controller with an adjustable mounting bracket for the comfort of different operators.

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