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Extech Instruments releases BR250-4, a minimally invasive wireless inspection borescope

August 29, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

August 29, 2018 – Extech Instruments, a test and measurement tool provider and division of FLIR Systems, has launched the BR250-4, a wireless inspection borescope designed to get into openings as small as 4.5mm while providing clear images on its detachable, wireless 3.5″ colour display.

Manufacturers can use the BR250-4 for a variety of jobs, including wiring and pipe locations, weld, machinery, safety or security inspections, inspections of hard-to-reach areas behind motors and compressors, and automotive access.

The cameras offer a 2GB capacity to record video or snap photos. Captured video (960 x 240 .avi) and images (640 x 480 .jpeg) can be viewed on the unit’s monitor or transferred to a computer via the SD card or USB cable, both included. By accessing smaller openings or requiring smaller holes to be drilled for access, the BR250-4 leaves minimal or no damage in the process.

The monitor can be handheld and kept in direct view or affixed to any metallic surface using its included magnet mount. Alternatively, for inspection sites near hazardous or moving components, the wireless monitor allows for conditions to be seen remotely up to 32 ft (9.75 m) away.


The BR250-4 features the waterproof (IP67-rated) 4.5mm diameter BR-4CAM camera with a 63-degree viewing angle and bright, adjustable 4-LED lighting. The camera uses a 39” (1m) “semi-rigid” flexible gooseneck cable, which retains a fixed shape.

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