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NORD extends line of single-stage helical gear units

August 29, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

August 29, 2019 – NORD Gear Corporation has announced the addition of three single-stage gear units to its NORDBLOC .1 line.

The new SK 871.1, SK 971.1 and SK 1071.1 represent the three largest single-stage NORDBLOC gear units manufactured by NORD.

The new products have a power range of 30 to 60 HP, a torque range of 3,540 to 8,850 lb-in. and a ratio range of 1.41 to 8.09:1. With durable UNICASE cast iron housing and optimized bearings, they can reliably handle large axial and radial forces and are perfectly suited for pumps, mixers, conveyors and industrial fans.

The single-stage units can be used in many applications including food and beverage, oil and gas, and chemical industries. 


With the rollout of the new SK 871.1, SK 971.1 and SK 1071.1, NORD is discontinuing its SK 41E and SK 51E gear units. To ease the transition for existing customers, the new single-stage units come with the choice of two standard output shaft sizes: one to match what the legacy customers are currently using and one to align with market standards.

NORD offers eight single-stage helical gear unit sizes in the NORDBLOC line. Mounted by foot, flange or a combination of both – plus featuring solid shafts with metric or imperial extensions – the line provides customizable, flexible solutions for most high-speed drive applications. Gear units may be ordered with an integral NORD motor or with IEC or NEMA C-face motor adapters.

The new SK 871.1 and SK 971.1 are available now. The SK 1071.1 is slated to launch in October.

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