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AutomationDirect releases slim-profile safety light curtains

September 4, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

AutomationDirect has added new Contrinex slim-profile safety light curtains, used for human protection and product/machine safety, to its safety products lineup.

The new Contrinex 14-mm and 30-mm beam resolution extended-protection, slim-profile safety light curtains eliminate blind spots (the height of the light curtain is the height of the protected area).

These new slim light curtains can also be wirelessly configured through Bluetooth.

The 14-mm resolution light curtains provide finger-safe protection and 30-mm resolution curtains offer hand-safe protection. Protection heights are 170 mm to 1,290 mm (6.7 to 50.8 in) for the 14-mm resolution curtains and 170 to 1610 mm (6.7 to 63.4 in) for the 30-mm curtains. Operating ranges are 0.25 to 5 m (0.82 to 16.4 ft).


All safety light curtains have Type 4 and Cat 4 PL e safety ratings and are IP65 rated.

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