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Digital Twin Consortium and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance partner to advance industry 4.0 solutions.

December 13, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) has entered into a liaison agreement with the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance has reportedly joined the DTC to not just exchange information but also to bring digitalization and collaboration to the next level.

“The collaboration between the DTC and the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance aims to drive the alignment of technology components and other elements to ensure interoperability,” says Ricardo Dunkel, technical director at the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. “Together we are working on the standardization and integration of technologies in vertical use cases, proof-of-concepts and Value Innovation Platforms (VIP). This collaborative partnership will be strengthened through the exchange of information, regular consultations and joint events to drive digitalization and promote collaboration.”

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is a collaborative consortium comprising of industrial companies actively involved in deploying cross-vendor Industry 4.0 solutions and services for manufacturing facilities and automated warehouses. Within industry and technology working groups, subject matter experts conceive practical scenarios and put them into practice using the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance reference architecture. These solutions, alongside detailed implementation instructions, are disseminated within the community and made accessible to parties beyond the Alliance, explains a DTC press statement.

“We are excited about working with the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance,” said Dan Isaacs, GM and CTO of DTC. “We look forward to helping manufacturers and solutions providers further the use of digital twins in smart factories, oil & gas, pharma, and others based on Industry 4.0 and key open industry standards.”


The two groups have agreed to the following:

  • Realizing interoperability by harmonizing technology components and other elements
  • Aligning work in Digital Twin Consortium Capabilities and Technology for adoption within vertical domains through proof of value projects and use cases, including:
    • Composable and Architectural Frameworks,
    • Advanced Capabilities and Technology showcases
    • Security and Trustworthiness applications
    • Conceptual, informational, structural, and behavioral models
    • Enabling technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and other advancements
    • Case study development from initial concept through operational analysis

The DTC and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance will exchange information through regular consultations, seminars and training development vehicles.

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