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Electromate offers pre-order opportunity for Universal Robots’ new UR30 cobot

December 20, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Photo: Electromate

Electromate, a  distributor of precision robotic and mechatronic solutions, is offering the option for pre-ordering Universal Robots’ recently launched UR30 collaborative robot (cobot). The UR30, featuring a 30 kg payload capacity, is the newest addition to Universal Robots’ cobot lineup.

The UR30 is designed on the architecture of the UR2o. It reportedly features motion control that is designed to ensure the precise placement of large payloads. It is capable of operating at high speeds and handling heavier loads than the UR20. This makes the UR30 versatile for applications such as machine tending, material handling and high-torque screw driving, shares Electromate.

For machine tending, the UR30’s high payload introduces new capabilities, like using multiple grippers simultaneously allowing for shorter changeover times and enhanced productivity. In high torque screw driving applications, particularly in the automotive industry, the UR30’s steady mode feature delivers straight and consistent performance, states Electromate.

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