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FedDev Ontario invests $4.2M in two Brantford manufacturers for automation

March 5, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Two Brantford, Ontario manufacturers are receiving nearly $4.2 million in investments from the federal government to scale up their production using automation and new technologies.

Kate Young, parliamentary secretary to the minister of economic development and official languages for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDevOntario), made the announcements on Mar. 5.

Automated processing line

LC Bakery Equipment Services Ltd., which recently rebranded as Casasanta Baking Solutions, will use its nearly $1.5 million repayable contribution from FedDev Ontario, in addition to $4.4 million in private sector investment, to boost its production capacity and diversify to new markets.

The family-owned designer and custom manufacturer of bakery equipment, automated proofing systems and material handling solutions currently employs 50 workers, with the plan to add 15 more full-time jobs as a result of the funding.


Casasanta will add 16,500 square feet of production space to its facility, which includes a new test kitchen for customers, and a new automated processing line that can punch, shear and bend raw materials.

The company estimates that the implementation of artificial intelligence will reduce lead times by up to 50 per cent and material processing times by up to 97 per cent.

Casasanta also plans to complete its first-to-market proprietary drying and racking system, and to diversify into the cannabis industry.

Automated forging system

SLACAN Industries Inc. will use its nearly $2.7 million repayable contribution from FedDevOntario to create 16 full-time jobs and implement green technology that the company says will boost the protection, quality and strength of its products.

SLACAN is a designer and manufacturer of poleline hardware serving the electrical utility and communication markets. The company employs 176 people at its 150,000-square-foot facility in Brantford.

The new technology produces a minimal amount of waste and uses a shot blast to clean parts, which eliminates the use of environmentally harmful acids.

SLACAN will also introduce an automated forging process, allowing for higher precision and optimal efficiency.

“The technological improvements sweeping through our manufacturing space are not only a huge step for the forging industry, but would rival any modern manufacturing facility,” says Acey Kaspar, director of engineering and quality assurance at SLACAN.

“It is a unique blend of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing and century-old processes, which will enable SLACAN to continue our long tradition of manufacturing in Ontario.”

SLACAN also received $5.6. million in private sector investment for the project, plus $330,000 under the Steel and Aluminum Initiative to acquire equipment for improvements to quality, delivery systems and waste management.

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