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Hexagon, Dragos partner to strengthen industrial cybersecurity

April 16, 2024
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division is strategically partnering with Dragos, a company specializing in cybersecurity for operational technology (OT). The companies have joined forces to effectively address the need for cybersecurity measures in industrial settings spurred by the rapid evolution of technology.

The technical partnership focuses on integrating the complementary OT cybersecurity capabilities of the Dragos Platform and Hexagon’s PAS Cyber Integrity to provide customers with enhanced inventory data, comprehensive configuration management and intrusion detection and threat management to protect businesses operating in multiple critical infrastructure sectors. The collaboration is expected to harness the respective strengths, industry insights and innovative spirit of both companies.

“This relationship represents a significant step in forging the future of OT cybersecurity,” said Nick Cappi, vice-president of OT Cybersecurity at Hexagon. “Through the integration of technologies, industrial facilities that use Hexagon and Dragos will be in a better position to achieve their security goals. We are excited to work together and collectively solve bigger security challenges for customers.”

The companies will reportedly integrate their specialized expertise and capabilities to tackle the unique challenges encountered by owner-operators. Together, they aspire to enhance safety, efficiency and productivity. Their goal is to revolutionize how the cybersecurity industry protects industrial infrastructure and valuable assets.


“Hexagon is known for providing forward-leaning technology that also prioritizes safety and security, and the partnership with Dragos brings additional value to industrial and critical infrastructure organizations using our technologies,” said Matt Cowell, Global VP of Business Development at Dragos. “The integration between Dragos and Hexagon will leverage our complementary capabilities and respective strengths to provide an integrated approach to managing security across the different layers of the operational environment.”

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