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Industry IoT Consortium publishes article series on smart manufacturing

July 18, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

 The Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) recently published a series of articles focused on the smart factory titled the Compilation of Views on the Smart Manufacturing Industry. The publication, sponsored by the Global Industry Organizations (GIO) Smart Manufacturing Group, focuses on the different facets of smart manufacturing.

“The Compilation of Views on the Smart Manufacturing Industry examines multiple factories, deployments, and modes of manufacturing and provides insights and a case analysis regarding the digital transformation of manufacturing,” said Zhou Yaling, GIO, IIoT Industry Specialist.

In this publication, IIC members and GIO participants from many different industries offer their experience, best practices, knowledge and guidelines to help the manufacturing community on its journey towards the smart factory of the future.”

This published compilation covers the following topics:

  • Insights from end users
  • Enterprise perspectives about digital transformation
  • Technology trends
  • Korea’s new manufacturing service and digital transformation
  • Connected factory for packaging consumer goods
  • Neural manufacturing
  • A case study on a smart factory

“Today, the pace of innovation and digital transformation in the manufacturing value chain is faster than ever. The need for best practices, standardization and knowledge of the most valuable solutions and industrial guidelines are essential for a successful future strategy for smart factories,” said Farid Bichareh, chair of the IIC Smart Factory Working Group.

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