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ISA celebrates its first International Automation Professionals Day

May 16, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The International Society of Automation (ISA) recently celebrated its first-ever International Automation Professionals Day on 28 April. The global digital event brought in automation professionals from all around the world, celebrating their contributions to the growing automation industry.

Carlos Mandolesi, president of ISA, said that automation professionals make up many diverse sectors, and having a day dedicated to those in the field can offer a learning opportunity for those unfamiliar with automation.

“It is very common that our friends, relatives, and population in general do not understand what we do when we say that we work with automation,” he explained. “It is important to have our own date to celebrate and promote the automation profession. ISA, as the home of automation, is the perfect organization to create it.”

The focus of the celebration was a call to action. Automation industry professionals and automation students submitted photos of themselves working in the field, or testimonials about how they hope to have an impact in the world through automation.


The event received positive feedback from all around the globe.

“The response was so amazing. I wanted to reply to all the social media posts to demonstrate how happy I was,” said Mandolesi. “It was a huge success.”

Several sections also had their own celebrations to correspond with the day, including the ISA Pune Section in India.

ISA plans to hold the celebration again next year.

“Thank you to all professionals, members, staff, and sections that invested time to create a post on social media or who organized large events to celebrate the day,” said Mandolesi. “You are responsible for the success of our first International Automation Professionals Day. Thank you!”

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