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Make Human Manufacturing Decisions Consistent, Reliable, and Traceable

Humans are good at making decisions, but when we get tired or distracted we tend to make mistakes. New technologies built on proven machine vision and AI expertise digitize and automate error-prone manual processes to boost productivity, lower costs, reduce downtime, and ensure product quality. With a scalable app-based approach to automation, manufacturers can digitize problematic processes – such as visual inspection and assembly checklists – while gaining valuable data that provides an end-to-end operational view to drive continuous improvement.

Learn how digitization reduces manufacturing costs and quality risks

Human decision-making is critical to many manufacturing processes, but when we get tired or distracted, we tend to make mistakes. Learn how new manufacturing digitization and automation apps based on machine vision and AI help humans make consistent, reliable, and traceable decisions.

For visual inspection processes, an app alerts operators to product differences or changes. As an operator accepts or rejects initial potential differences, behind-the-scenes they are training an AI algorithm that will begin suggesting a decision.

As a manufacturer digitizes an initial process, such as visual inspection, they start to gather, store, and share data that can improve additional processes. For example, images and operator notes from visual inspection can be used in product tracker apps for traceability and incorporated into digital work instructions to guide and verify assembly processes.

Electronics manufacturer digitizes and tracks human decisions - Learn Why

Learn why a manufacturer is using AI and machine vision-based apps to digitize and automate human decisions.

DICA provides high-quality electronic assembly services for a diverse range of industries. The manufacturer is deploying visual inspection apps to add AI decision-support for operators to consistently detect product errors. The manufacturer is also deploying tracking and reporting apps to gather data around its manual processes to help ensure end-to-end quality and speed resolution if an in-field issue is detected.

“Pleora’s system helps our operators make consistent and reliable decisions to ensure we always deliver to the quality standards expected by our customers.” Steve Vaughan, Vice President Operations, DICA

Distillery makes human decisions consistent, reliable, and traceable

Despite decades of technological advances humans remain a critical component to many manufacturing processes, particularly where full-scale automation is too complex and expensive.

Dairy Distillery operates in a highly competitive market where brand influences consumer choice. The manufacturer is digitizing human processes to increase production, lower rework and downtime costs, protect its brand, and eliminate subjective, stressful, and time-consuming decision-making for employees. As they gain comfort with new technologies, the distillery is now looking at ways to use tracking and reporting apps to help reduce costs related to shipping errors and product returns.

“Pleora’s system is simple and easy to use and helps remove ambiguity and stress for employees. As a QC tool, the inspection system helps increase our confidence in both our manual and automated processes.” David Geros, Chief Operating Officer, Dairy Distillery

Digitize and automate error-prone manual manufacturing processes

Vaira helps manufacturers digitize, automate, and upgrade error-prone manual processes and decisions to boost productivity and increase profits. Pleora’s camera-based solution is powered by a scalable suite of shop floor-ready apps built on proven machine vision and AI expertise for frontline manufacturing operations, with two-way integration to resource planning tools to help drive continuous analysis, insight, and improvements.

Digitize & Automate: Reduce costs and ensure quality with machine vision and AI insight that makes human decisions consistent, reliable, and trackable.

Communicate & Integrate: Streamline your operations with IoT-ready connectivity between Vaira and resource planning databases, cameras & imaging devices, sensors, processing tools, and PLCs.

Analyze & Trace: Gain data from manual manufacturing processes for real-time end-to-end operations insight to drive analysis, tracking & reporting, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Scale & Customize: Increase productivity with prepackaged apps easily trained on your unique requirements, with flexible customization options and “no code” tools to design unique workflows.

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