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Lighting designer will boost efficiency and cuts costs by choosing the right ERP solution

September 3, 2012
By Odete Passingham Syspro Canada

Rapidly-growing DVI Lighting Inc., an Ontario-based designer and distributor of residential lighting solutions, needed to streamline and improve its warehouse management processes with a software solution that could boost efficiencies and cut costs.

 With some help from 3B Research and Consulting, DVI ultimately chose Syspro, a global, independent Enterprise Resource Planning software vendor, for its solid reputation and global track record, as well as the ease of use and functionality of its ERP system.

“DVI brought us on board to help find the right ERP product for their needs,” says Alec Pestov, vice president of business development, 3B Research and Consulting. “They wanted to make their staff more efficient at processing tasks. They were expanding their warehouse. They were looking for a system with the functionality that could match their specific needs. All in all, they were looking for a modern, well-supported software system that could help them save money and make things easier on everyone. Syspro fit the bill perfectly.”

Currently, DVI is using an out-of-date ERP and WMS software system that does not accommodate their warehouse’s rapid expansion and lacks support from the company that created it. DVI brought in 3B Research and Consulting both to spearhead the selection of the new software solution as well as facilitate the transformation and exchange of information between the Syspro ERP software and other applications.


“Our current system is holding us back – not only is it difficult to use, but it’s costly to support,” shares DVI CEO Robert Francis Borg. “Implementation of Syspro is going full steam ahead. We are anticipating the improvements to our operations with Syspro and can’t wait to have the new system fully up and running.”

While various different ERP systems were evaluated, DVI ultimately went for Syspro.  DVI staff found the Syspro system the most intuitive and straightforward to use. With Syspro, training new staff will be easier and will involve a faster learning curve than previously. The functionality of Syspro was also the right fit for DVI’s warehouse management needs and will allow them to seamlessly expand their warehouse operations. All in all, Syspro was chosen as the best solution for improving processes and boosting efficiency.

Odete Passingham is marketing manager for Syspro Canada.

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