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Machine vision innovation: Eigen incorporates Ampacet colour monitoring

September 13, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Eigen Innovations has partnered with plastics specialist Ampacet LIAD to integrate its Spectro 4.0 colour monitoring and management solution into its machine vision solutions.

Eigen explains in a press statement that colour metrics captured by the sensor are correlated with digital part records generated by Eigen’s integrated machine vision solutions.

“Our machine vision solutions are designed to capture and correlate all the data manufacturing teams require to assess the quality and start avoiding defects,” says Josh Pickard, director of innovation at Eigen. “This collaboration with Ampacet LIAD is exciting because it brings colour metrics into our digital records, meaning inline colour monitoring and the ability to colour correct on the fly through our software.”

“We created Spectro4.0 to allow plastic processors to accurately measure colour during production in real-time to reduce scrap and lost production due to poor colour quality,” says Douglas Brownfield, commercial director of LIAD Smart at Ampacet. “When we saw what Eigen was doing – generating digital records with correlated quality and process data and what those records enable in terms of analytics, insights and ultimately, defect prevention, it was a no-brainer to bring our solutions together.”


Eigen’s machine vision solutions feature camera sensors, edge processors and machine and network connectivity to capture and generate digital records with critical quality and process data on every part produced. Ampacet’s Spectro 4.0 Smart Technologies is a patented colour measurement system that offers in-line colour measuring and correction capabilities.

Combined, Spectro 4.0 and Eigen’s machine vision solutions can reportedly reduce downtime, the consumption of expensive masterbatch, product rejects and the cost of scrap. Real-time quality monitoring and colour measurements allow production and quality teams to make process adjustments and colour corrections during production and provide historical data to improve future productivity, explains Eigen.

Eigen machines vision solutions are interlocked with machines and PLCs, meaning when issues are detected, a part is removed or the process is stopped while operators investigate. The integrated Eigen/Ampacet solution can automate a signal to the masterbatch feeder to adjust dosing automatically, in real time.

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