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Mitsubishi Electric Automation releases MELIPC industrial computers for edge and IoT

October 7, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mitsubishi MELIPC MI3000

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has released its MELIPC Series of industrial-use computers for data computing, edge computing and remote monitoring.

The MELIPC Series is targeted towards OEMs and end users running general manufacturing applications, and especially those who require a computing and data monitoring solution that takes up a limited amount of space with a small footprint. MELIPC is designed to enable Internet of Things (IoT) on factory floors that have not been introduced to it yet, or improve it where it is already enabled.

MELIPC releases with four initial models: MI1000, MI2000, MI3000 and MI5000. MI5000, the flagship product, combines real-time equipment control and information processing in one solution. MI3000 contains a touchscreen LCD panel and pre-installed software that allows users to run it as if it were an HMI.

The mid-range MI2000 is designed for wide-ranged system expansion, and the compact, low-cost MI1000 enables companies to begin introducing IoT on their factory floors. All four models can be purchased standalone with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 installed, or can be purchased together with software as a comprehensive MELIPC data solution.

MI5000 includes two operating systems, VxWorks and Windows. It is compatible with the CC-Link IE Field industrial network, enabling high-speed data exchange at speeds of up to 1ms for real-time equipment control. It also uses Edgecross, an open software platform, to process and distribute data. All models in the MELIPC Series are have Windows preinstalled and various software that allows for edge computing and high speed data transmission.

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