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Moticont adds to its DDLM linear actuator series

October 1, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Moticont has added its highest force linear actuator to its DDLM linear actuator series.  The DDLM-038-051-01 linear actuator is a low-cost non-commutated linear actuator that can be integrated into new and existing applications. It is suitable for use when upgrading from a pneumatic system.

The product is compact, clean and quiet. Also called an electric cylinder, it is a fully enclosed linear actuator. It is 1.5 inches (38.1 millimetres) in diameter with a housing length of two inches (50.4 millimetres) long. Developing 3.1 pounds (14 Newton) of continuous force and 9.9 pounds (44.1 Newton) of peak force at 10 percent duty cycle, it has a stroke of 0.375 inches (9.5 millimetres).

The 0.250 innches (6.4 millimetres) diameter shaft has an internal thread on each end, a total length of 3.8.75 inches (98.4 millimetres), and extends 1.375 inches (34.9 millimetres) past the mounting ends of the actuator.  The shaft extends through the 9/16-18 UNF x 0.250 (6.4 millimetres) long threaded stud at each end of the housing which can be used for mounting the DDLM-038-051-01 linear actuator. Plain linear bearings support the internal shaft at both ends of the actuator and can tolerate a side load up to 5.4 pounds (24.0 Netwon).  Internal return springs are available as an option.

The DDLM-038-051-01 can be used with a position sensor and controller for the high repeatability, accuracy and high throughput of a closed-loop servo system. The DDLM-038-051-01 linear actuator is just one of a wide range of linear actuators available from Moticont.

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