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Quantum technologies commercialization: NGen Canada and Digital Supercluster seek project proposals

September 8, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen Canada) and Digital Supercluster have issued a joint call for project proposals for commercializing quantum technologies. This joint program focuses on quantum technologies including quantum sensors, networks and computing.

This joint program will focus on the adoption of the following categories of quantum technologies:

  • Quantum SensorsThe Quantum Sensors mission seeks to enable the Government of Canada and key industries to be developers and early adopters of new quantum sensing technologies.
  • Quantum CommunicationsThe Quantum Communications mission intends to ensure the privacy and cyber-security of Canadians in a quantum-enabled world through a national secure quantum communications network and a post-quantum cryptography initiative.
  • Quantum Computers and SoftwareThe Quantum Computers and Software mission aims to make Canada a world leader in the continued development, deployment and use of quantum computing hardware and software to the benefit of Canadian industry, governments and citizens. 

NGen projects focused on the above categories must demonstrate the development and application of either:

1. Novel advanced manufacturing tools and techniques for quantum technologies (AM4Q)



2. Quantum technologies to be deployed in manufacturing (Q4AM)

DIGITAL projects will focus on commercial applications of quantum in safety and security, operations and logistics, and material and chemical discovery.

Further details and intake form are available here.

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