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NGen offers investment support to Mosaic Manufacturing-led project

January 28, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

NGen, Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, is supporting an $8 million project led by Mosaic Manufacturing, with an investment of $3.5 million.

For this project, Mosaic Manufacturing is partnering with Dyze Design and Matter and Form to automate and digitize manual manufacturing processes. Under the name “Vector Consortium,” the partnership aims to harness 3D printing and scanning technologies to enable companies to build their products in a more economical and environmentally friendly way.

“The Supercluster’s investment in this project will help Canadians drive innovation right here at home,” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “This project will help increase our capacity in terms of advanced manufacturing and, at the same time, reduce dependency on foreign manufactured parts. This will also create a great opportunity for the next generation of skilled workers in the field of 3D printing technologies.”

Vector’s focus will be on increasing the functionalities of Mosaic’s automated 3D printing platform ‘Array’. Array currently uses robotic systems to print at scale for the manufacturing floor, cutting down costs of 3D printed parts by up to 95 percent. Vector will also work on increasing the quality of parts printed using Array and automating quality control processes that are manual at present.

“We have an amazing ecosystem of advanced manufacturing technology here in Canada and are thrilled about NGen’s decision to bring us together and support our vision of 3D printing on the factory floor,” said Mitch Debora, co-founder and CEO of Mosaic Manufacturing. “We are excited to work with Dyze Design and Matter and Form to harness the power of their extrusion and metrology expertise.”

The fund for supporting Vector will also be used to train manufacturing professionals on the Array platform. In addition, university students will be educated on the applications of 3D printing technologies.

“This is a massive step towards delivering on the promise of 3D printing as a practical alternative to traditional manufacturing processes, and the entire team at Matter and Form is excited to contribute,” said Trevor Townsend, co-founder and CEO of Matter and Form. “Vector will help place Canada at the forefront of modern manufacturing.”

The Vector consortium’s aim is to reduce dependency on foreign-manufactured parts by equipping Canadian companies with the tools to produce them onshore.

“Our focus has always been to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and more specifically the material extrusion technology,” said Simon Duchaine, chief marketing officer, Dyze Design. “We firmly believe that this partnership will all allow us to reach new heights and we’re confident that it will place Canada as a key player in the additive manufacturing landscape.”

This project is funded by NGen under Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative.

“Mosaic Manufacturing continues to deliver game-changing technology platforms that promise to revolutionize the business of manufacturing,” said Jayson Myers, CEO of NGen. “Supporting small, innovative companies like Mosaic and encouraging collaborative endeavours with industry partners is key to building world-leading advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada.”

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