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Ontario invests $2M in scaling up production of device that sanitizes PPE

August 4, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The Ontario government is providing $2 million in funding to help scale up the manufacture of a device that sanitizes personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Clean Flow Healthcare Mini device, created by Clean Works Medical and Pure Life Machinery, can decontaminate up to 800 N95 masks per hour, along with other PPE.

The device is a Health Canada–approved innovation based on existing technology designed to disinfect fresh produce. The technology uses UV light, hydrogen peroxide and ozone to decontaminate surfaces.

The technology can destroy up to 99.99 per cent of pathogens and viruses on surfaces, making them as sterile as an operating room.


“This is an incredible success story about an Ontario apple farmer taking technology used to decontaminate produce and converting it into a device that can decontaminate personal protective equipment,” said Premier Ford.

Clean Works is a joint venture between Moyer’s Apple Products and Court Holdings Ltd., a global manufacturer.

The company will use the funding to scale up the production of its portable disinfectant device to nearly triple its current capacity.

The investment, made from the province’s $50-million Ontario Together Fund, will support 19 new jobs and the purchase and installation of metal fabrication, equipment assembly, and facility modifications.

Since its launch, the Ontario Together web portal has received more than 28,000 submissions.

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