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Plataine to provide IIoT integration for Eastman Machine cutting systems

June 3, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

IIoT provider Plataine has partnered with Eastman Machine Company’s cutting machine equipment to help their joint customers improve production efficiency and quality control.

Industrial manufacturers using Eastman machinery will be able to access Plataine’s AI-based Digital Assistants, which deliver real-time, proactive recommendations to help optimize operations and eliminate delays during the manufacturing process.

Eastman’s automated custom cutting systems, engineered for single to high-ply requirements, can reduce labour while maximizing quality and material utilization.

“Working with Plataine, we have future-proofed our offering to our customers, ensuring that they leverage the tangible manufacturing optimization benefits of the latest AI-based and IIoT technology today,” says Trevor Stevenson, vice-president of Eastman, in a statement.


Increased process automation and improved human-machine collaboration can streamline production, ensure higher quality, reduce the risk of human error, and minimize re-work and scrap. Real-time asset tracking further reduces material waste and human error and cuts down on production delays.

The Plataine system automatically generates a complete “digital thread” – a comprehensive record of all stages of production – giving full traceability from raw material to end product.

Plataine is ISO 27001 certified for compliance with information security management requirements.

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