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PODCAST: How self-programming robots enable high-mix manufacturing

October 27, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Francois Simard (left), and Laurier Roy (right), co-founders of Omnirobotic. Photo: Omnirobotic

Custom manufacturing – also known as mass customization, flexible manufacturing or batch of one – has become increasingly popular over the past few years as consumers demand the opportunity to make products “their own.”

It’s leading more manufacturers to create flexible production cells capable of producing a high mix of items at low volumes.

The new episode of Machine Language features an interview with Francois Simard, co-founder of Omnirobotic, a Quebec-based start-up that has developed technology for high-mix manufacturers to give industrial robots vision using artificial intelligence.

We discuss the increasing use of AI in the robotics space, how automation can help high-mix, low-volume custom manufacturing processes and how Omnirobotic will be using $6.5 million in seed funding to scale its technology.

“High-mix manufacturers are relying heavily on skilled labour, even today – and that pool of workers is on the decline,” Simard says in the episode.

“The result is that many high-mix manufacturers that we’re encountering today are struggling just to maintain their current production level. There are not even talking about the increasing their productivity or quality at this point, and they are suffering from high turnover.”

Listen to the episode below!

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