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RightHand Robotics supplies Capacity with order fulfillment solution

August 15, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

August 15, 2018 – RightHand Robotics, which creates order-picking machines, has partnered with Capacity, a company that specializes in order fulfillment, e-commerce and electronic data interchange (EDI). The collaboration will deliver RightHand’s RightPick automation system into Capacity’s fulfillment solution offering.

Over the rest of the year, robotic workcells will be integrated with existing warehouse material handling systems, such as those from Lightning Pick, and will increase the level of automation at Capacity’s New Jersey fulfillment centre. Later the technology will be unrolled to Capacity’s California location. 

The team at Capacity searched around for the appropriate robotic piece-picking solution that could reliably pick and place a variety of items at high rates.

“We quickly concluded that many of the systems entering the market would not meet our needs,” said Thom Campbell, Capacity’s co-founder and chief strategy officer. “We realized that the solution had to be imagined from the bottom up with an understanding of what was needed to solve our particular challenges. It’s not just about having a better gripper – you need a fully integrated software and hardware approach.”

Capacity found that in RightHand’s RightPick – an integrated, software-driven picking solution that flexibly handles thousands of products, including never-before-seen items, and learns and adapts over time. 


Yaro Tenzer, co-founder and CEO of RightHand Robotics, said, “We share a common vision for how robotic piece-picking can be a strategic asset to their business, especially as they continue to grow at a phenomenal rate across multiple product categories and parts of the world. With every pick, the system generates data that helps us further improve performance across their entire fleet of workcells.”

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