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Rockwell Automation partners with Ansys to offer optimized solution for industrial operations

September 20, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 Simulation Interface and Ansys’ digital twins are now able to connect, opening up new avenues to use simulation. The Studio 5000 Simulation Interface connects Rockwell Automation industrial control systems with simulation and modelling tools. The new update connects it to Ansys Twin Builder, a software that is used to create simulation-based digital twins of physical assets. The software uses multi-physics to identify how real-world elements like flow rates, mechanical stresses and thermal profiles could impact equipment performance and health.

“By connecting a control system to Ansys Twin Builder, users can simulate complex physical processes and give realistic inputs to the control system,” said Julie Robinson, business manager, Rockwell Automation.

Users can connect the digital twin to an emulated or physical controller with the help of the Studio 5000 Simulation Interface. Connecting to an emulated controller eliminates the need to wait for a physical controller or equipment. With a physical controller, users can create a digital twin of how the equipment should function and compare it against actual performance.


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