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TE Connectivity and Harmonic Drive Systems join forces to improve cobot functionality

December 22, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

TE Connectivity (TE) and Harmonic Drive Systems (HDS) are partnering to develop a new series of  HarmonicDrive gears equipped with a safety torque sensor that contributes to improving operational safety.

HarmonicDrive gears are currently used in automation equipment, robotics and aerospace applications. The combination of TE’s high-performance safety torque sensor and HDS’s high-precision control speed reducer reportedly enables HarmonicDrive gears to deliver high-precision torque sensing, lightweight design, compactness and a spacious hollow structure.
TE shares in a press statement that through this collaboration, high reliability and safety can be achieved for collaborative robots as a result of the following key features:

  • The structure is designed to reduce the cross load from being applied on the safety torque sensor.
  • The safety torque sensor incorporates the microfused sensing technology known for its reproducibility, long-term stability and reliability. Optimized for collaborative robots, the sensor also exhibits low susceptibility to crosstalk.
  • The safety torque sensor complies with the new level of safety requirements specified in ISO13849 Category 3 PLd. Meanwhile, this module is also certified at the component level, simplifying the process of obtaining safety certification.
  • Offering customizable mechanical interfaces, the sensor can be effortlessly tailored to meet specific customer application needs, which significantly reduces development time and facilitates the incorporation of high precision into the system.

“The surging demand for collaborative robots makes safe operations around humans a must,” said John Tuley, global strategic customers director of TE Sensors. “By delivering heightened accuracy and speed, TE’s Safety Torque Sensors provide functional safety, paving the way for the next generation of human-robot collaboration.”


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