Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Virtual Event
Future of Automation 2023
September 20, 2023 at 1:00pm ET

Panel discussion: Custom automation solutions for all manufacturers


  • Jim Beretta, President, Customer Attraction
  • Tharwat Fouad, Founder and President, Anubis 3D
  • Brent Bell, Director of Project Management, JMP Solutions
  • Robert Leader, Regional Sales Manager, Kinova Robotics
Manufacturers today are looking for automation solutions that fit well with their processes rather than selecting specific automation products. Robots are becoming more accessible. Technology providers are working on making automation implementation processes simpler every day. Our panelists will discuss how Canadian manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from more targeted custom automation solutions.

Jim Beretta
Jim Beretta is the president of Customer Attraction Industrial Marketing. He is a marketing consultant, blogger and content creator for automation, integration and robot manufacturers. He is also head podcaster for The Robot Industry Podcast and invites you to listen. He can be reached at

Tharwat Fouad
Tharwat Fouad is a seasoned mechanical engineer who draws on years of solid experience in manufacturing and management with Procter & Gamble and Apotex Pharmaceutical Corporation. He held multiple senior positions in project management, engineering, operations and ten years of consulting. Fouad has managed billion-dollar projects in several manufacturing industry segments. He is the inventor of optical solids flow meter – a breakthrough in solids flow measurement. He also holds several other patents in the powder handling industry. Fouad established Anubis 3D to transform additive manufacturing from a prototyping industry to a viable production technology. Anubis 3D, under his leadership, has been developing solutions and tooling for robotics that were deemed impossible through conventional manufacturing. He inspires a team of designers to think creatively to design lightweight, economical next-generation end effectors.

Brent Bell
Brent Bell is passionate about developing and implementing innovative robotic automation solutions to industry. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Western University, he is driven to solve both technical and commercial problems. Bell has navigated several roles at JMP Solutions including mechanical designer, applications specialist and project manager, and is now proudly serving as director of project management.

Robert Leader
Robert Leader, a seasoned industry expert with 40 years of experience in manufacturing and automation solutions, has been a steadfast supporter of the Canadian market. His career has been marked by two significant chapters: 18 years in paper converting and 21 years in the automotive tier-1 and OEM manufacturing sector. With a solid foundation in business studies, Leader possesses a holistic understanding of the integration of technology and strategic business practices within the manufacturing and automation domains. Currently serving as the regional sales manager for Kinova Robotics, Leader is at the forefront of advancing automation solutions across various sectors, including assistive, professional, medical, and industrial segments. Leader’s extensive experience and dedication to custom automation solutions make him a valuable addition to this panel discussion, and his insights will provide valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of manufacturing automation in Canada.