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Laser weld inspection systems

May 6, 2008
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

In conjunction with their robotic arc welding solutions, Motoman is now offering laser inspection systems designed to automate checking of safety-critical welds. To provide automated weld inspection, the laser camera scans the weld profile for visible discontinuities, such as voids, convexity, undersize and/or undercut conditions. The laser sensor is flexible, and the user can set accept, warn and reject limits on discontinuities. Output from the sensor can be used to separate nonconforming parts from production.

For Six Sigma production, the camera supplements arc monitoring by verifying that welds “look good” and are in the proper location. The laser camera provides quantifiable inspection results 24/7/365. Nonconforming parts are separated from production, reducing the need to use third-party containment.

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