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Mixed case row palletizing cell

January 18, 2013
By Alison Dunn

Kuka Systems and RSW recently launched a mixed case row palletizing (MXRP) cell that can deliver efficiency gains of 40 per cent or more in building same-store pallets. MXRP combines RSW’s adjustable-finger gripper and Kuka Systems’ robotics and control system to streamline the building of pallets with mixed products and/or packaging at distribution centers. The MXRP gripper with Flex Strap technology makes it possible to position adjustable fingers at different levels to grip stock and load it on top of uneven layers. Responding to the geometry of each layer, the MXRP cell’s control system can adjust each finger independently, horizontally or vertically, and move forks left or right for optimal spacing. While the gripper can accommodate up to six forks (and load up to six cases at a time if so equipped), four-fork installations will suit most situations.

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