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Federal budget could drive jobs in high-end manufacturing: CADSI

March 25, 2013
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) says it strongly endorses the federal government’s commitment to create and implement a defence procurement strategy in which Canadian companies will be part of any plan to build equipment for the Canadian Forces.

“Military procurement is the largest single area of discretionary spending the government has,” said CADSI president Tim Page. “The Government is boldly seizing the opportunity this spending represents to create jobs, especially high-end manufacturing jobs, in the Canadian defence and security sector. This is an important step forward, putting Canada on a similar footing to other highly industrialized countries with clear strategies to promote their defence and security sectors.”

Page added, “The government’s commitment in the Budget recognizes that it is in the national interest to have a strong, innovative, domestic defence-related manufacturing base that produces leading edge equipment, generates high-value exports, and supports knowledge-based jobs for Canadians.”

Page said the government has recognized that implementing the announced procurement strategy in the Budget includes the need for process reform. Two key elements of the proposed reform package, which CADSI strongly endorses, are:


• A plan for participation by Canadian industry prior to approving defence projects; and,
• An effective challenge function at the front end of the procurement process to better manage risk, cost, and equipment specifications.

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