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Shaft locking bushings

May 17, 2013
By Alison Dunn

The ETP Hyloc from Zero-Max is designed to provide the robust hub-shaft connection, providing excellent concentricity despite high torque and radial loading. Each roll forming wheel in the system shapes steel material into bar stock as it passes through the system. The wheels are centered, synchronized and locked into position using ETP Hylocs. By using the Hyloc, a rigid connection is made between the roll forming wheels and shafts. This precise and accurate shaft to roll forming wheel connection produces smooth and consistent bar stock. Easily adjustable, the Hyloc can be quickly repositioned on the shaft or removed for changing to another roll forming wheel size. This minimizes system downtime. Available for shaft diameters from 50 – 220 mm, the ETP Hyloc is designed with an internal double-walled steel sleeve that encloses a conical shaped, moveable piston. When pressurized using a hydraulic pump, the ETP Hyloc sleeve expands uniformly against the shaft and hub to form a continuous and rigid connection to the shaft.

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