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Servo drive

June 19, 2009
By André Voshart

Technosoft has released its new ISD720 intelligent servo drive developed for high power needs. Based on the MotionChip DSP technology, it embeds motion controller, drive and PLC functionality in the same open-frame unit (size: 136 x 84 x 26 mm). With compact dimensions and 20 A continuous / 49.5 A peak current ratings, the company says it’s is a flexible solution, particularly adapted for distributed and coordinated control of brushless, DC or linear motors up to 720 W. It accepts incremental quadrature encoders and digital Halls as position feedbacks.

The drive performs position, speed or torque control and works in single-axis, multi-axis or stand alone configurations. The drive setup, tuning and motion programming are simple with EasyMotion Studio and Technosoft Motion Language. With ISD720, motion programming can be done from a CAN master, via PC/PLC using the appropriate motion library, or directly at drive level through its built-in motion controller.

This drive is suited for modern motion control applications, including high-precision control areas from medical to factory automation as well as for industrial projects that require high-power control.


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