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Minor problems with vehicles could soon be fixed through cloud systems

June 24, 2014
By David Friend The Canadian Press

Trips to your local mechanic might become less frequent as new technology develops that could make it possible for cars to essentially fix minor glitches themselves.

A subsidiary of smartphone maker BlackBerry is developing a technology that enables car manufacturers to communicate directly with vehicles connected to the system.

Sales and marketing vice-president Derek Kuhn says that could let automakers adjust sensors or other software-based technology in the vehicle.

The development is part of Project Ion, a move by BlackBerry to become a leader in the technology that connects everyday things such as home appliances to wireless networks.


BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems already develops technology for cars and trucks, including dashboard systems that connect directly with a driver’s mobile phone and outside networks.

Audi uses QNX’s technology to give drivers instant access to the cheapest gas prices and parking lots near their destination.

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