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Diaphragm valves

December 6, 2010
By Mary Del

The new Tridak Model 475 Series diaphragm valves are designed to be used with low-to-medium viscosity fluids. The internal design of these dispensing valves prevent fluid contact with the actuating components, making them ideal for use with reactive fluids such as cyanoacrylates and solvent-based adhesives and coatings. Tridak’s diaphragm valves offer stroke adjustment to precisely dial-in the desired shot volume for consistent and repeatable performance. The Model 475 is available in three configurations:
• Standard Model 475 dispensing valve features an UHMW polyethylene diaphragm, acetyl copolymer fluid body, and hard-coated aluminum air cylinder body.
• Model 475-T valve is similar to the standard Model 475, except that it features a Teflon diaphragm and fluid body with a hard-coated aluminum air cylinder body.
• Model 475-SA valve incorporates an UHMW polyethylene diaphragm, passivated stainless steel fluid body, and hard-coated aluminum air cylinder body.
The different configurations of the valve allow it to be compatible with any number of materials. All three configurations of the Model 475 are actuated using the Tridak Model 345 valve controller.

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