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Dock gates

June 13, 2011
By Mary Del

Wildeck, Inc.’s EdgeGard Dock Gates help protect personnel and equipment from falling off wide truck pits and loading docks, thanks to a barrier that’s easy to operate by one person in a matter of seconds, the company says. Customers can choose from two designs – a straight-rail gate or the folding-rail design, which has a pivot point in the centre of the gate that folds up and protects a wider opening. When raised, the gate completely clears the opening, offering unimpeded traffic flow and maximum accessibility. When closed, the gate is held securely in place and does not move. Top rails are one metre (42 inches) high (above floor level) when closed. Features include: available in four configurations for added functionality (2.4- to three-metre straight-rail gate or three- to 3.7-metre folding-rail gate); requires minimal floor space; counter-balanced gas cylinders allow easy lifting and safe gate operation; and black safety stripe on bright yellow paint finish ensures high visibility. Ideal applications for the EdgeGard Dock Gates include dock doors and shipping areas; truck loading pits; isolated restricted areas; separate work zones; warehousing and storage; distribution centres; and manufacturing facilities.

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